The Mind and the Labyrinth

Today seemed a mystery and it became more relevant as I walked the path of curiosity on my own excursion today. What was helpful was the focus of what is natural and/or humorous. It served to remind me about the things that were appearing and how if I looked at the natural state of things I could shift perspective and learn to be with the circumstances. At other times taking a shift of perspective was downright hilarious, the powers that be have a sense of humor… I am convinced of this more and more daily.

Labyrinth of the mind

The Tao of Lokison

There is much emotion in the area of the unknown and from my observations, our human nature is to look skeptically at what we don’t know and often make it least until we can find a purpose or value for it. Such was a conversation I had this morning and though we traveled on the same path in thought the conversation between the two of us deviated in agreement based on our indivdiual understanding. It was as if the conversation was the labyrinth going round and round and back and forth narrowing are points of focus as we each were intent upon learning the others’ point of view.

The labyrinth of the Mind

The Labyrinth of the Mind

We adjusted as one might do in the turns and shifted comprehension until we finally found ourselves in a place of agreement at the heart of it all. It was amusing no doubt to watch our conversation shift and adjust and the little trips we had journeying from a point of contention to a point of consensus.

I walked a nearby outdoor labyrinth in reflection after this conversation and it reminded me of how many times we actually laughed with each other and at ourselves in the process. It is as natural to the body as walking and in this month of what is natural and appreciative of the Earth, I give thanks happily to the small mounds of joy that shape the opportunity under my feet so that I may humbly follow the greatness of my thoughts. Of course in greatness I am referring to the busy mind and the repository of information that is following its own path between thought and emotion.

Think joyfully of your conversations, mind processes and how each is so representative of the pattern of the labyrinth. The only question is which design we follow each day and for what purpose?

May curiosity be a joyful path today,


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