What Lies Beneath

It’s called the world’s largest labyrinth, of course it does not expand the length of the Tor in Glastonbury, England or the 25 miles of the ones created in Oregon, IL, though it is an eye catching aerial exhibit.

What is significant about it in relation to our focus on Mother Earth and what is natural is that it is set atop two energy centers.

It is located in a very small town in Costa Rica called Guanacaste in and area called LaSenda. A biologist found the energy centers using a dowsing rod and later suggested the site for the labyrinth on top. It is also near an Indian burial ground and was developed using Sacred Geometry.

It is quite an overlapping of architecture and perhaps depicts the interesting pattern of movement, flow or direction coursing just below the surface.

Sometimes it is just what is beneath the surface and all it takes to see what is more natural or truthful to us, is but to look.

Today… I believe I may just walk blindfolded to really see and feel what is beneath the surface… Oh what mysteries to explore!


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