The Gifts We Leave Behind

Labyrinth of Lands End by Eduardo Aguilera

I love happening across a labyrinth that has been designed with earth elements and every so often I chance upon the opportunity to explore and enjoy the bits of nature that are used to create the shape and design of what is natural to a labyrinth.

This simplicity is what we see in sand labyrinths and I think of it like a blank canvas that one might see in a pile of small stones or pebbles laying amidst larger stones and assortment of soil particles. All relatively flat and sedentary until the creative muse of a labyrinth enthusiast comes along and begins to mold the natural form into something that is both artistic and purposeful in a new unique way.

While the sand may blow and be reshaped by the tread of feet on the way to the water, this type shaped by the earth might also harden and stay formed for use a bit longer. The delight is in that moment of discovery by an individual who either knows what it is, or happens upon it completely unaware.

That is the gift of those who dot the planet with function art and find the palates of possibility in nature with their ever inquisitive eye. Blessings to those who are so circular sighted.

Ah, the natural gifts,



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