Putting the Geo in Geometry

A Pine Cone Geometry Lesson

Years ago I led a workshop and one of the teachers was inspired to share their experience with students. Outside of the school in the nearby forest preserve they spent an afternoon sharing stories and math as they built a labyrinth made entirely of pine cones.

We had talked in our workshop about the geometric principles and as I shared how it was a wonderful way to teach geometry to students, I was inspired and surprised when she sent me her story and shared her pictures.

As you can see, this is not the forest preserve, though that picture has found its way to other purposes and when I went looking to see if there might be another who had used pine cones, there in the midst of the desert and among the tumbleweeds was someone’s story.

Are there teachers among us who have share the mathematics of the labyrinth with students?  I have often thought that it might be a very intriguing way to introduce it to girls who based on studies, do not have the same over all appreciation for math as boys do.  My daughter had that same wayward appreciation and when I introduced her to the labyrinth she found in much more fascinating. It is interesting to note that her aptitude for Geometry excelled all of her other test scores in High School.

What a way to foster a natural interest in the natural order. If you have had such an occasion to note this, please share in the comments as I believe it would be of great interest to others.

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