Labyrinths of the Sky

Look…up in the sky, it’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s a Labyrinth!

The Intricacies of Nature

The Intricacies of Nature

Yes there are many super feats of nature going on all around us on planet Earth and sometimes when we are looking around we tend to look down or out, though not so much up.

When was the last time you laid back and watched the clouds, it’s an effective meditation.

In the watching of the clouds one might notice the patterns and shapes that pass by and in each there are pockets of sky scattered enough to sometimes see a passage way winding around and around. The next time you have a chance to lay back with leisure, let your mind drift to the patterns and the paths and enjoy the labyrinths of the sky passing by.

Amazing no doubt that there are so many opportunities to see the designs and lines that intrigue us so in so many facets of nature.

Looking up,


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