The Shadows of the Labyrinth

By daylight this wouldn’t be the same, photographed by Candace Porth, Franciscan renewal center in Scottsdale, Arizona

We are blessed with both day and night, dark and light and all kinds of opportunities to see balance in nature. Have you ever considered that wrong is here because right is or that good and evil are the twins of mischief?

Just for a moment consider the necessity of darkness because anyone can smile in the sunshine. It is where we plant the seeds, nourish the womb and rest our little heads when our bodies grow weary. The dark is a necessity of life and when the unknown is lurking in the dark, who is to say it is evil? It is just the unknown and our tendency as humans is to make wrong what we don’t know.

Balance then becomes an essential in life in taking in the unknown of the dark and seeing it perhaps as a learning so that growth can take place. It is natural and the change that happens constantly. Becoming familiar with the great shadow and seeing it as the reminder of what is possible makes all the learning more palatable and in the scheme of balance, understandably necessary.

Enjoy a shadow walk today and ponder the delight of what growth lies ahead. I found that this early, early walk that I took this morning had the newness of the day just peeking over the horizon as I enjoyed the dimness of the hour. It was in the state of anticipating the growing light that I was reminded of the peaceful serene nature of the darkness I was present to.

In that moment and in those steps I enjoyed the fullness of what I did not know, what lay ahead and the great opportunity to place contemplation in my pocket as a companion for the remainder of the walk. In the end, it was a more gratifying experience and some of the things that I was walking with came to a thoughtful conclusion.

May your walk in the shadows present a growing knowing,


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