The 100th Path

Today is the 100th day of the year…

100In grade schools everywhere there is a celebration of all things 100 and I remember my daughter’s class enjoying taking 100 steps from any starting point they chose. Where they ended up they sat down and told a story about being in that place. I love the imagination they have, unfettered, unclustered and anything goes!

Today I thought I will have a little fun with this walk and in doing so, stopped at a 100 steps into the labyrinth and sat down with what was on my mind, I thought of how a five year old might tell my story. It was hilarious at what they would have altered leaving out the drama. Where the child’s perspective can really tell us the simple facts of what life is all about, I was enlightened with what was really important about the whole thing in the first place.

Refreshed and renewed with a more playful spirit I took in the next steps with 100 breaths… though I lost count in the relaxation and that just brought on more fun, which I think was more productive in all. I began to think of all those 100 things that could be possible and that just uplifted my thinking to more of an unlimited possible place.

Oh the places you can go with a couple of extra zero’s !  Are you 100%? Do you feel like 100 bucks! Do you have 100 things to do….?  Congratulations to all of us… we have walked a 100 days!  it feels good to honor our commitments, especially those we make for ourselves.

May you enjoy this day of 100 and may it take you more places than you might expect on a path of joyful learning.

Happy Trails,



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