Shortest Distance

11LabyrinthThe Elevens of today reminded me of the path with the shortest distance as being that with a straight line.  While many of our labyrinths are circular in nature, even the straight lines bring one back to a circular reference through its successive progression to a center in back out again in the way the circle brings us back to where we were… though perhaps not as we were.

While we tend to favor the circular in labyrinth design, it is the straight lines that give it the structure as we build them according to the patterns of four and three, particularly with the classical design and the Chartres.

Taking these number 11’s,  I simply meandered to a point and then back again and in doing so, all with straight lines.  I wonder if indeed it was the shortest path and it makes me wonder of the many steps in my day, how many are repeated and how much of the time am I creating a labyrinthic journey until I discover what I was going back and forth about?

Blessings to the straight line as I learn I may find myself walking the line a few times to see the point at the end a few times, though in that journey I do learn and in an appreciative way where I accept it more.

Getting to the end of the road, does not always mean we have arrived, traveling it and getting to know it gives us more definition about the destination and a few trips every once in awhile gives us the security in knowing the path that much more. Not all paths may need to be traveled though for those that are the well traveled paths, may they enrich and enliven.

Be well traveled with purpose today,


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