The Wind and the Labyirnth

In walking the path today it was a blustery occasion.

The elements had scattered the elements so in the path were many interesting things to note and some may be seen as disruption and others a gift. The expected bits of twigs and earth items had blown their way onto the path as the wind swept up a day of Earth cleaning it seemed.

Along the way I began to notice the human scatterings that appeared and can be a reminder that civilization is indeed near by, first a wrapper from a snack bar, a bottle and the head of a barbie doll. I swear it was looking right at me and a bit eerie at first until I wondered where the rest of her might be.

If I am to remember anything of the days of playing with Barbie, she could be in a variety of reasonable explanations, according to any young girl under the age of ten. It’s moments like these that grab a little attention, make you smile and remind us of how we became who we are.

I notice too that there probably is a good story if I were to weave the bits and piece that found their way onto the labyrinth. Every story has a beginning full of suspense and introduction, a mid point that is also called the turning point or climax and a reflective ending and so today, I encourage all to find their labyrinth story in the wind and the elements and see how significant it is to your walk.



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