Natural Balance

Yesterday I heard the news of a friend who is passing on. She has been an inspiration with her attitude throughout her illness and I am still in a bit of disbelief…just as she is about the latest findings. There is a point of looking for the next path ahead and the reality of the struggle that has been and the wear it has taken on the body and the mind. In support it is about listening and going beyond our personal thoughts, it is being on the same path as our loved ones.  Ours is a mission to learn our support role and in all being compassionate as we both grow in acceptance and change the conversation.

It is times like these that the labyrinth speaks kindly. Walking along the path it embraces us into the many folds and lets us feel safe in the center as we deliberate and contemplate the many varied emotions and experiences. The labyrinth is very conducive to the stages of grief giving us a full rounded walk as we enter into it giving us time to put the pieces together. The noted stages according to Elizabeth Kubler Ross,  begin with denial and in the walk, we can take the longest of time to engage the first feelings along our outer edges. As we move into the stages, we are also moving more into the labyrinth and taking less time to come to terms and more intimate with each.

The aspect of grief is also a natural process of life and relative to our theme in walking with what is natural. It is a healthy walk and a honest understanding to have. Denied we would have guilt and that is of little service to a healthy soul.

Grief is loss and we all experience it all of the time. We think only in the terms of birth and death many times, though beyond loss of life… is the end of one thing and the beginning of the other. Our attachment to the item of loss is the thing that builds us or derails and one could think that on the crossroads that come up, the one that supports growth might be the best of answers.

May we all be so present to choose the path that serves.



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