Mysteries and Meandering Reality

Its been a week since posting and while I am feeling somewhat behind, it is also a time when many things came to a centerpoint. It reminds me of the journey to the center, as the days this past week were of one type of turn or the other and sometimes it seemed as if it didn’t make sense or that I wasn’t moving toward any answers or a center.

Each day of the last week was a bit of confusion on the labyrinth with small insights and much that came as distracting. I know that there is a greater purpose in this period of time, though the way is not clear and the path seems a bit indistinguishable right now.

That shadow is not confusion however, it is something that is simply undetermined as there is a feeling that in spite of all the calamity, the path is still present and the way is already paved. It is just waiting for me to step upon it and with each forward motion, create the reality.

It is times like these that the labyrinth holds the space for great insight and calming reflection. I am glad simply to step up to take a part in it and what I know is that my part is moving and the rest of the experience will flow. In this month of what is natural… this too is very true and natural.

Days of mystery have endless opportunity in them.

with curiosity and blessings on the walk,

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One thought on “Mysteries and Meandering Reality

  1. Renie

    We have a full moon eclipse today and have all been in the shifting of the times on the planet. the full moon eclipse brings to light what our soul is ready to heal .this a is great opportunity as we move to our center and back into the shifting world around us the true essence of valuing our self and our gifts to give the collective.
    thank you for sharing you and your gifts with us

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