The Lines of Friendship

Heart Path Labyrinth

Friends walk the heart path

What is more natural than friendship?

In the past week I have been having a dance of it in many ways with many different individuals and what is not at all lost in it all is how relationships take many turns, twists and discoveries.

Taking a walk along the labyrinth I realize the very nature of relationships is the excitement of the first connection and steps. The rise of expectation and the sudden turn of reality meets the first turn and a happy existence until the next growth in connection arrives followed by a period of time to apply what was learned.

Each turn draws us closer into our heart and just when we think we are headed in the wrong direction with someone we find ourselves closer and more in congress with them.

A variety of people have come into my life this week and left as friends, each bringing something and taking something away. I have to think as a whole I am richer for the experience and know that if I had not chosen to follow that path of friendship, there could have been deviations that put me off course.

Sometimes we don’t even think of the friendship we can have with ourselves in the process of it all and I have found this week that to be a good friend to others is to be one to myself.


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  1. Beautiful!

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