Natural Landscapes

When we scope the natural landscape we tend to think of the external resources such as land mass, water, sky and the living breathing planet. Though set upon this very planet are also the vast seven billion human forms. Internally there is a natural landscape that we continually shape by our thoughts, emotions and actions.

I’ve come to a conclusion that we are all just living labyrinths moving back and forth sometimes with intention, sometimes lost in thought and even sometimes dancing along a path as creators of the next reality.

Science shows us of the imprinted paths of our brain, digestive, and various bodily structures.. taking all that we are onto the labyrinth it is like a homing device where we instinctively know where to go and learn what is out of step when tuned in. That makes the course correction pretty simple and with easy adjustments.

The key is tuning in and then taking action. Of course it could also be that just taking action might be the thing that causes us to tune in as well. Thus lies the opportunity in shaping the external and internal labyrinths of the world.

It’s in the steps whether internally or externally, movement creates the change. In the movement there is a beautiful poem from the heart of Thich Nhat Hanh that speaks to us suggesting we kiss the Earth with our feet as we walk. In that way I think we will make a connection of inner and outer labyrinths.

Thich Nhat Hanh’s Kiss the Earth

Kissed for today,

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