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classic right handed labyrinth

Right Handed Labyrinth from Labyrinth Enterprises, not right nor wrong.. just different

There are days in which presence seems to have escaped. A series of events can occur which seem to have no rhyme or reason yet of course there is always a reason. They can be a blundering experience and sometimes one on top of another until something comes along and creates a shock of awareness or we’ve simply had enough and turn onto another path.

The walk of today was much like this and so was the morning. In whole when called to take a look at the very idea of presence, it has the audacity to turn cheek and really give cause for learning what it’s all about.

How long does it take you to discover you are out of alignment with your values and ideals? What is the process used to get back to it all? Is it really a happier place to be present than not? These are some of the questions used in discerning awareness and acknowledgement that we are not in Kansas anymore, so to speak.

coexist bracelet

The Coexist bracelet by Garrison

The great news is that we all have hiccups in our awareness and when we do, it usually is accompanied by something we are to learn. Some days or periods the learning feels as if it can go on forever and sometimes it is just a short sweet tickle. Such is this grand life, open to exploring and knowing like the paths of the labyrinth, it takes us on a journey and only goes for a period of time.

May our journey in this day provide a tweek of awareness, a scant bit of learning and an enjoyable helping of living out loud.

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Your Spot

I saw this image today of an individual casting their shadow over the labyrinth and it sparked the idea of where we individually leave our mark on the labyrinth.

Have you a favorite place on the labyrinth? Is there a space that you find calls you that perhaps you have found a fondness for over time. Often we can find a spot that calls to us in the center, though what about the walk of release or the walk of reflection? Is there a spot that you find has presence for you?

I thought about this in my walk today and realized that there were a few spots that I might not have thought about, though as I enter there is always a moment along the path that says thank you for remembering when I walk in a ways. There is another spot that I often find myself thinking about from time to time and then there is the outer rim where I often find animals frequenting.

Perhaps today you might begin to notice how you are drawn or what calls your attention. Carry on and enjoy the notice!

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Sounds on the walk

Listening is always an opportunity.

The Labyrinth at Wisdom House, Connecticut

In it we can find many things we cannot see. Today on my walk, there were a great many sounds present and it could be that presence was more full after a meditative experience to hear them. Of course the idea to meditate before walking was also a strategy or intention put in place to actualize more of the walk too.

In either case it did yield a more fruitful experience. Just using the sensory skills more appreciatively we are more expanded in the use of our potential on any given day.

Today the air even had a wisp of sound in the breeze. That same soft breeze brought forth the sent of lilacs that were growing nearby and the smell of the flowers enhanced the visual with color more vibrant around me as the rains and curious weather shifts in our area have stimulated our plant growth.

The sound of the snap under my step became more present along with the feeling of the soil and grass beneath as it touched my feet with the remaining morning dew.

Yes the senses were tingling, vibrant and alive taking in the walk and it began by listening. The path today told many secrets that were ready to be heard.

May your path reveal amazing secrets today

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The Jeopardy Labyrinth

This morning I had the fun fortune to be in happy spirits with a group. As we had a conversation before approaching the labyrinth about where everyone was in body, mind and spirit, the conversation led to a rich dialogue. It was not so much about our unique perspectives and opinions as it was about having the answers.

Questions & Answers in the labyrinth

Just for fun I led the group to consider what might be different if they had the answer first and then formed the question. With this idea we had a walk and it was just happily enjoyable to listen to the sudden ah ha exclamations and sounds of surprise in what they were discovering.

It turned out to be a great exercise and one that let the walkers more thoroughly absorb the experience. Our discussion included thoughts that echoed sentiments where we think we know, and then we walk on it and find out what we really know. Many were fascinated by the idea of finding a source of questions that would fit the answer they began with and felt that it gave them more choice.

Most expressed that it was empowering and about using what they already had so it became very natural and the labyrinth an extraordinary tool. I enjoy the many ways and varieties of what cam come from the natural state.

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Creating More Time

The Labyrinth at Boone Hospital Columbia, MO

Recently I’ve had a few situations that enlisted my time, keeping me away from daily journaling… at least online. The walk is always present and a way is always found. It is the extra presence in this online media that can prove a task over pleasure when crunched for time.

I am not alone in the choice decisions we make about what is true commitment when the big questions of life become very present in our moments. We opt for what matters and we do what is possible to meet our commitments, though in the end it becomes about what is important, relevant and hopefully best for all concerned.

I am sure this is a very relevant topic for us all. How do we waiver in commitments when the setting is less than optimal to honor them? We each have our own opinions and set of standards or values we adhere to, though when pinched in our reality… how do we handle it and remain in integrity with ourselves?

I think it is a question on the idea of our daily walk and relevant to our daily living. We are all more pressed for time and sometimes the idea of taking time for self can seem like a luxury with so many wants and needs present.

I am reminded of the philosophy of Buddha, the wants and needs are about living outside the present with yearning and suffering involved. It would be similar to seeing our end result in the distance and being blocked from having or being it by our very thoughts and feelings.

Today’s walk was all about the shortest point when I began with the idea that time was short. As I walked I moved with purpose though the more I walked the slower I became. My purpose became my pace and indeed where there seemed not enough time, there became more. Ideas and thoughts came up and suddenly simplifying and combining a few of the things on my agenda became not only more practical, they became more valuable in doing so.

I love how my mind will be full of a lot of ideas and in a short walk the tangles smooth out in the turns. Proving that you do have to spend a little to earn a little.

The Ides of May…

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A Mother’s Walk

Labyrinth at Home…always welcome

A celebrated joy to all who are Mothers and all who have been mothered in the most beneficial ways. While this holiday’s intention was simply to give honor, it can be a day of beautiful memories stirred.

We can remember the great acts of women as Mothers and the many joys brought forward in the realization. It can be as simple as remembering your own stories or that of the multitude. One does not have to have had a happy childhood to embrace the idea of being loved and all that women as Mothers can do. It is evident in the moments we see and experience everyday.

Adding to the Mother Love that is today, this image reminded me that the very idea of a Mother is all about the ability to change as the seasons of the tree indicate and the idea that the path is always just outside your front door. Giving us freedom to leave though always welcome to come back.

May we all be in the Mother Love of today

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Synchronous Presence

The Huntridge Circle Park Labyrinth in Las Vegas

I have been hearing the same things from many people. They are all noticing some things and having many of the same experience. It is as if they are all on the same labyrinth, though we know it is just the same path of life.

How synchronous to have these experiences happening over and over again finding so many having the same kinds of events that result in the same feelings. It is as if someone is pulling the emotional cord and we are all finding the same reaction.

Is it that we are all beginning to realize how similar we all are? Beautifully unique we can be, though in our essence we all walk as one. As World Labyrinth Day suggested we all walk in this way, perhaps there is a residual effect carrying over and it is a week of labyrinth appreciation in the after thoughts.

How wonderful for those that are finding the first steps and the same wonder for those who have been true to their steps for years.

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The Gifts Present

As the senses rise…

On my walk today there was a feeling of presence in all things. Somehow today I tuned in and found the growing as if it was happening in each step all around me.

The weather has made it’s own presence and what a rush of color that has shown up as a result. In walking my eye caught vibrant hues from the flowers along the fence that only a week ago were a mere suggestion.

As I walked by the lilac bush the gift of its scent stayed with me and each time I looped back near the bush I had the enjoyable reminder to simply breath in what was present.

Today’s walk was a simple blessing and a gift of presence.

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Perceptions of Presence

Labyrinth engraved at Cornwall UK

One would think that there wouldn’t be much we could say about presence except to simply be present. In essence that is the truth without all the decoration or confusion. Though as humans we may know what is true, though it is not always the easiest thing to accept when our values become distracted or constricted.

It does often seem that it is why we are given a lifetime as it takes that long to build up around the truth and sometimes it gets so convoluted even with the simplest of intentions that it can seem near impossible to think the truth can be found.

The labyrinth will be an amazing journey at times becoming our great distraction or our deepest truth. It just depends what we are present to at the time. We are what we think about…all day long.

I think one of the great lessons is in choosing which path to take each day because at the beginning of the day is the fresh newness that invites us to take part. If we carry over yesterday we miss out on the opportunity of this day blessed with its 86,400 seconds of living.

In the darkest of hours they are still our moments to live. I am reminded of the grief moments in life where I have sometimes felt I was wasting my moments in feeling despair, though in truth they were some of the best living moments as it was a time when I truly felt the precious gift of life for what it was. In loss we have the greatest times of value, though because of knowing separation and adjusting to it we know it as a dark time and want to be through it to see the light.

I would think that without that darkness their would be no light and the continual dance between them, frought with emotions unchecked or fearful of feeling, become our daily path destiny. Changeable of course as the process transitions us and the great gift of life awakens again inside of us.

So that’s maybe a little deep for this day, though none the less a truth to consider. It becomes a way to understand presence perhaps as a conversation and perspective.

Thoughts, feelings and actions of being on the curious path,

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Pilgrimage to Presence

Sacred Oak Grove

The labyrinth at Sacred Oak Grove

I’ve enjoyed pilgrimage in a variety of ways. Experiencing the simplicity of meditative pilgrimage to the more arduous journey of the Camino de Santiago’s walk across Spain.

In the act of pilgrimage we seek to find presence with ourselves and our presence with the world. Pilgrimage gives us the opportunity to step back and as my Australian friend puts it so gently… have a look.

In that look we see many things because we step away from our everyday and lose some of the confusion that we have been transporting. We become simple and clear and our connection to the divine is magnified as is the aspect of connection itself.

I took a pilgrimage of labyrinths years ago when my path was redirected from taking the pilgrimage of the Camino. It was in many ways a way to gain more appreciation for the breadth and width of my own back yard of Illinois. In it I found the labyrinths and the stories that created the difference in lives. It was a pilgrimage of a purpose I did not yet know and what I found in the presence of the experience was that there were so many things to find appreciation in.

As I prepare for a pilgrimage of a different sort shortly, I wonder about what presence I shall encounter in the experience, though know it will be just what I am ready to receive and exactly what will serve me on my present path.

I look forward to the experience with much joy and discovering yet another depth of what presence can be.

With curious discovery,

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