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Reflections on the Lasts

Today marks the last of April and the last time we will ever have April 30, 2013. Today I closed up a community laughter club that I have been operating for the past five years. It was called the Last Laugh. This month has been filled with a lot of lasts for me as I have been preparing for something different and bigger for the future and all of these lasts have been having a conversation with my heart.

I have taken the conversations to the labyrinth and found it a place to remember fondly the experiences I have created with people, groups, families, businesses and community. When we looked back over the past years what was seems so long ago and almost foreign in concept to the way everyone now responds. Beyond the laughter club there has been a small business mentoring group of seven years, coaching clients that have reached the ends of their contractual agreements, partners in collaboration and more. So the stories of where we are today are rich in where we were years ago.

Those simple suggestions of release, receive and reflect have made quite a lot of difference when in transition. It created a great space to reevaluate and to re purpose some of the experiences so that when leaving, a bit of legacy has been created. Just the opportunity to turn it all over on the labyrinth allowed me the chance to make meaningful endings have lasting effects. Lasts that last.

Great and full come to mind in a way to sum it all up and so grateful of the chances, choices and the reflection to make it all more than I ever thought it could be. The labyrinth brings a moment to pause and get out of the way, so what is meant to happen can. Ours is but to listen.

At Last,

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