Welcome May

Our focus for the Merry Month of May is presence.

Call it our buzzword for the month, though showing up, being present and contributing to the welfare of the world is a gift that benefits ourselves as much as it does for others.

Last month I was present with my initial commitment of walking the labyrinth, though time got a way from me in the many last things I attended to, that journalism or blogging did not find its way onto my plate of purpose for the month.

In this coming month my personal plan is about reconstruction, purging and preparing. It is that which I wish to be present to and realize more value for so the selection of “Presence” for me comes at a great time. How that applies to the labyrinth is curious.

I can see that walking each day drives home the commitment, it also allows for a refocusing and becoming intentional, which are hallmarks of presence. The other part is pure getting out of the way so it can happen. I am learning a lot about just how on that last part.

To getting out of the way,

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