Where is presence found?

Eagles Reach Sanctuary… how could one not find presence here?

This is a good question. Yesterday when I googled the concept of “the presence labyrinth” I found that it showed up in many ways. No, there was not a labyrinth called “Presence” and that must be in what it delivers.

The presence of God, spirit, connection, service and yourself in the moment all came up. I believe it tells us that in our marvelous self identities they are made up of a life of living that shapes us and gives us meaning to live by. So in looking for presence we just might find it in a variety of different ways.

I think today’s suggestion in a walk is quite simple… begin with what you know and then in all curiosity, branch out and explore. Adopt another viewpoint and see if you can be present with it and define presence from a different set of shoes… oh the growth!

That could be a journey of the whole month and why not, what else have we to do but find meaning, purpose and passion in our walk. Variety is the spice of life, no… I’ll have mine with a dollop of joy thank you very much.

Shaking the spice liberally,

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