Happy World Labyrinth Day

World Labyrinth Day... walk the world as one at one pm

Walk the World as One…

Today marks the presence of the labyrinth in the world as a global consciousness forms to celebrate this unique tool of reflection and insight.

It is World Labyrinth Day and today marks the fifth anniversary of its inception. Years ago members of the labyrinth society gathered to form a focus to grow labyrinth awareness in the world and for a spot of time it was recognized. In 2009 Dr. Stephanie Blackton rallied the concept and brought the idea back into our presence and the lead has shifted to Carol House of the labyrinth society to keep the path alive.

This year an overwhelming support is happening and the wave in the world of walkers began yesterday as noted by this Chicago author and will continue with energy and presence around the world.

What is significant is that there is a a lot of feeling attached to the labyrinth whether it is thought of as energetic, numerically connective or spiritual and that type of consciousness is flowing today. A theme I came up with in 2009 was to walk the world as one at one. At one pm in whatever time zone a person might be located, there would be movement. It wasn’t a new concept for me as I have done this with other programs and purposes so I was happy it was universally accepted by the committee that Stephanie put together.

I also designed this image for the world to share as to me..for just one day we might be as one with our thoughts and that might simply spread to all those we would come in contact. On a global level that is large to consider. May we be that present and fortunate to glow in that knowing!

Walk as one,

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