Pilgrimage to Presence

Sacred Oak Grove

The labyrinth at Sacred Oak Grove

I’ve enjoyed pilgrimage in a variety of ways. Experiencing the simplicity of meditative pilgrimage to the more arduous journey of the Camino de Santiago’s walk across Spain.

In the act of pilgrimage we seek to find presence with ourselves and our presence with the world. Pilgrimage gives us the opportunity to step back and as my Australian friend puts it so gently… have a look.

In that look we see many things because we step away from our everyday and lose some of the confusion that we have been transporting. We become simple and clear and our connection to the divine is magnified as is the aspect of connection itself.

I took a pilgrimage of labyrinths years ago when my path was redirected from taking the pilgrimage of the Camino. It was in many ways a way to gain more appreciation for the breadth and width of my own back yard of Illinois. In it I found the labyrinths and the stories that created the difference in lives. It was a pilgrimage of a purpose I did not yet know and what I found in the presence of the experience was that there were so many things to find appreciation in.

As I prepare for a pilgrimage of a different sort shortly, I wonder about what presence I shall encounter in the experience, though know it will be just what I am ready to receive and exactly what will serve me on my present path.

I look forward to the experience with much joy and discovering yet another depth of what presence can be.

With curious discovery,

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