Perceptions of Presence

Labyrinth engraved at Cornwall UK

One would think that there wouldn’t be much we could say about presence except to simply be present. In essence that is the truth without all the decoration or confusion. Though as humans we may know what is true, though it is not always the easiest thing to accept when our values become distracted or constricted.

It does often seem that it is why we are given a lifetime as it takes that long to build up around the truth and sometimes it gets so convoluted even with the simplest of intentions that it can seem near impossible to think the truth can be found.

The labyrinth will be an amazing journey at times becoming our great distraction or our deepest truth. It just depends what we are present to at the time. We are what we think about…all day long.

I think one of the great lessons is in choosing which path to take each day because at the beginning of the day is the fresh newness that invites us to take part. If we carry over yesterday we miss out on the opportunity of this day blessed with its 86,400 seconds of living.

In the darkest of hours they are still our moments to live. I am reminded of the grief moments in life where I have sometimes felt I was wasting my moments in feeling despair, though in truth they were some of the best living moments as it was a time when I truly felt the precious gift of life for what it was. In loss we have the greatest times of value, though because of knowing separation and adjusting to it we know it as a dark time and want to be through it to see the light.

I would think that without that darkness their would be no light and the continual dance between them, frought with emotions unchecked or fearful of feeling, become our daily path destiny. Changeable of course as the process transitions us and the great gift of life awakens again inside of us.

So that’s maybe a little deep for this day, though none the less a truth to consider. It becomes a way to understand presence perhaps as a conversation and perspective.

Thoughts, feelings and actions of being on the curious path,

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