Synchronous Presence

The Huntridge Circle Park Labyrinth in Las Vegas

I have been hearing the same things from many people. They are all noticing some things and having many of the same experience. It is as if they are all on the same labyrinth, though we know it is just the same path of life.

How synchronous to have these experiences happening over and over again finding so many having the same kinds of events that result in the same feelings. It is as if someone is pulling the emotional cord and we are all finding the same reaction.

Is it that we are all beginning to realize how similar we all are? Beautifully unique we can be, though in our essence we all walk as one. As World Labyrinth Day suggested we all walk in this way, perhaps there is a residual effect carrying over and it is a week of labyrinth appreciation in the after thoughts.

How wonderful for those that are finding the first steps and the same wonder for those who have been true to their steps for years.

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