A Mother’s Walk

Labyrinth at Home…always welcome

A celebrated joy to all who are Mothers and all who have been mothered in the most beneficial ways. While this holiday’s intention was simply to give honor, it can be a day of beautiful memories stirred.

We can remember the great acts of women as Mothers and the many joys brought forward in the realization. It can be as simple as remembering your own stories or that of the multitude. One does not have to have had a happy childhood to embrace the idea of being loved and all that women as Mothers can do. It is evident in the moments we see and experience everyday.

Adding to the Mother Love that is today, this image reminded me that the very idea of a Mother is all about the ability to change as the seasons of the tree indicate and the idea that the path is always just outside your front door. Giving us freedom to leave though always welcome to come back.

May we all be in the Mother Love of today

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3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Walk

  1. Renie Brooksieker

    love this picture of tree and labyrinth as well as the message.
    who is the artist??

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