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The Labyrinth at Boone Hospital Columbia, MO

Recently I’ve had a few situations that enlisted my time, keeping me away from daily journaling… at least online. The walk is always present and a way is always found. It is the extra presence in this online media that can prove a task over pleasure when crunched for time.

I am not alone in the choice decisions we make about what is true commitment when the big questions of life become very present in our moments. We opt for what matters and we do what is possible to meet our commitments, though in the end it becomes about what is important, relevant and hopefully best for all concerned.

I am sure this is a very relevant topic for us all. How do we waiver in commitments when the setting is less than optimal to honor them? We each have our own opinions and set of standards or values we adhere to, though when pinched in our reality… how do we handle it and remain in integrity with ourselves?

I think it is a question on the idea of our daily walk and relevant to our daily living. We are all more pressed for time and sometimes the idea of taking time for self can seem like a luxury with so many wants and needs present.

I am reminded of the philosophy of Buddha, the wants and needs are about living outside the present with yearning and suffering involved. It would be similar to seeing our end result in the distance and being blocked from having or being it by our very thoughts and feelings.

Today’s walk was all about the shortest point when I began with the idea that time was short. As I walked I moved with purpose though the more I walked the slower I became. My purpose became my pace and indeed where there seemed not enough time, there became more. Ideas and thoughts came up and suddenly simplifying and combining a few of the things on my agenda became not only more practical, they became more valuable in doing so.

I love how my mind will be full of a lot of ideas and in a short walk the tangles smooth out in the turns. Proving that you do have to spend a little to earn a little.

The Ides of May…

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