The Jeopardy Labyrinth

This morning I had the fun fortune to be in happy spirits with a group. As we had a conversation before approaching the labyrinth about where everyone was in body, mind and spirit, the conversation led to a rich dialogue. It was not so much about our unique perspectives and opinions as it was about having the answers.

Questions & Answers in the labyrinth

Just for fun I led the group to consider what might be different if they had the answer first and then formed the question. With this idea we had a walk and it was just happily enjoyable to listen to the sudden ah ha exclamations and sounds of surprise in what they were discovering.

It turned out to be a great exercise and one that let the walkers more thoroughly absorb the experience. Our discussion included thoughts that echoed sentiments where we think we know, and then we walk on it and find out what we really know. Many were fascinated by the idea of finding a source of questions that would fit the answer they began with and felt that it gave them more choice.

Most expressed that it was empowering and about using what they already had so it became very natural and the labyrinth an extraordinary tool. I enjoy the many ways and varieties of what cam come from the natural state.

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