Sounds on the walk

Listening is always an opportunity.

The Labyrinth at Wisdom House, Connecticut

In it we can find many things we cannot see. Today on my walk, there were a great many sounds present and it could be that presence was more full after a meditative experience to hear them. Of course the idea to meditate before walking was also a strategy or intention put in place to actualize more of the walk too.

In either case it did yield a more fruitful experience. Just using the sensory skills more appreciatively we are more expanded in the use of our potential on any given day.

Today the air even had a wisp of sound in the breeze. That same soft breeze brought forth the sent of lilacs that were growing nearby and the smell of the flowers enhanced the visual with color more vibrant around me as the rains and curious weather shifts in our area have stimulated our plant growth.

The sound of the snap under my step became more present along with the feeling of the soil and grass beneath as it touched my feet with the remaining morning dew.

Yes the senses were tingling, vibrant and alive taking in the walk and it began by listening. The path today told many secrets that were ready to be heard.

May your path reveal amazing secrets today

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2 thoughts on “Sounds on the walk

  1. Thank you so much for all your posts. If you could give photo credit for the images you use, or could add links to the sites where you found them, it would be appreciated! Gratefully, Jill Geoffrion

    • tls365club

      Most of the images are images of my design or photograph so I don’t add credit, though there are a few where I have missed adding the origin when not the case…. thanks for catch.

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