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I saw this image today of an individual casting their shadow over the labyrinth and it sparked the idea of where we individually leave our mark on the labyrinth.

Have you a favorite place on the labyrinth? Is there a space that you find calls you that perhaps you have found a fondness for over time. Often we can find a spot that calls to us in the center, though what about the walk of release or the walk of reflection? Is there a spot that you find has presence for you?

I thought about this in my walk today and realized that there were a few spots that I might not have thought about, though as I enter there is always a moment along the path that says thank you for remembering when I walk in a ways. There is another spot that I often find myself thinking about from time to time and then there is the outer rim where I often find animals frequenting.

Perhaps today you might begin to notice how you are drawn or what calls your attention. Carry on and enjoy the notice!

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