classic right handed labyrinth

Right Handed Labyrinth from Labyrinth Enterprises, not right nor wrong.. just different

There are days in which presence seems to have escaped. A series of events can occur which seem to have no rhyme or reason yet of course there is always a reason. They can be a blundering experience and sometimes one on top of another until something comes along and creates a shock of awareness or we’ve simply had enough and turn onto another path.

The walk of today was much like this and so was the morning. In whole when called to take a look at the very idea of presence, it has the audacity to turn cheek and really give cause for learning what it’s all about.

How long does it take you to discover you are out of alignment with your values and ideals? What is the process used to get back to it all? Is it really a happier place to be present than not? These are some of the questions used in discerning awareness and acknowledgement that we are not in Kansas anymore, so to speak.

coexist bracelet

The Coexist bracelet by Garrison

The great news is that we all have hiccups in our awareness and when we do, it usually is accompanied by something we are to learn. Some days or periods the learning feels as if it can go on forever and sometimes it is just a short sweet tickle. Such is this grand life, open to exploring and knowing like the paths of the labyrinth, it takes us on a journey and only goes for a period of time.

May our journey in this day provide a tweek of awareness, a scant bit of learning and an enjoyable helping of living out loud.

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