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By the Moon of June

We have arrived at our last day of celebrating June. On this day we say goodbye to the first half of the year and a farewell to all the things this June has brought us.

Last week just after the Solstice, we experienced a Super Moon. They are said to appear about four times a year and the most recent gave us the closest that the moon has been to the Earth. The moon has a significance to the labyrinth in many ways. One of which is its cyclical nature and another is its model as a lunar calendar.

As we end our month of the focus of time, what better way than to reflect on it with a measurement of time, our calendar. With the lunations around the Chartres design depicting the moon cycles, we can simply look back on the month on the stages of the moon. Moving from the new to the full and the waxing and waining in between, what has the month illuminated?

May we all enjoy the reflections of our creations and look forward to what is on the path ahead.

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When there’s too much to do….Walk on it

labyrinth of the mind

From the Lackadaisical Lexicon’s definition for Labyrinth

Recently things seem to have gotten backed up and from time to time we all can find life’s pace a bit daunting when balanced between what we want to do and what is our agreement to do. The time for overwhelm can arrive in a split second with luggage and stay well beyond the rule of three days for company or fish.

It’s best to walk on it all, and it is surprising with it in our own midst how many of us may forget to do so. Organizations that have them forget often about how useful they can be when times of conflict or confusion come up, as if they are ceremonial or memorial in purpose. The good news is that we will forget and that we can remember. Sometimes it is just a little nudge that helps us to get going too.

It is a bit like unraveling a situation, when walking the labyrinth we may walk with a perceived problem, though soon it unravels and we are able to see the problem as opportunity. In opportunity there are solutions and with solutions we gain in many ways.

There is a quote for overwhelm that comes in handy from Francis of Assisi and in walking with this, the way becomes unbelievably clear, practical and purposeful.
Francis of Assisi
“First do what is necessary, then do what is possible, and soon you will find yourself doing the impossible”.

Enjoy the steps of possibility

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Seasonal Shifting

Today marks the 101st post to our site… YAY!

Rain Forest Labyrinth

A Private Labyrinth in the El Yunque Rain Forest of Puerto Rico

While the walk is daily, the posts are random and seem to flow with the ebb and tides of my year’s perspective. Running at one pace and almost standing still at others. An interesting year of abundance and absence to reflect on in the daily walk.

It seems to flow with the tides of weather as our region has been besieged with storms and flooding that has gone far beyond the realms of Spring when we might naturally know this to occur. The weather and my pace of the year seem to go hand in hand and from what is shared, is much the same for others too.

It is interesting to stop and make notice of what nature is telling us, almost as if it has had enough of us humans and all we mindlessly do to disrupt the natural flow. The uprisings of the natural world are simply a reminder to what we create artificially in the name of advancement and growth, giving us perhaps a chance to have a look and see if what we are doing is truly advancement and a contribution to the world.

As the year progresses, perhaps there can be a bit of balance inserted, one that gives the busy pace a chance to pause for reflection. Maybe then the natural world will find some balance too and find its pace in the hum and buzz of this human world, the one that seeks to find the steps from normal to natural.

May we walk in the sunshine and cleanse in the rain

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The Pace of Time

Have you ever thought about winding up a clock and just setting it outside of your walk?

ticking clockJust the sound of the ticking can be a reminder of the passing of time and perhaps a day to create a sense of urgency for life. It is not about getting busy, we seem to do that as humans to avoid things, rather it is about becoming more aware of the momentary passages that are happening throughout our day and how we take them in.

Does the ticking clock hurry our pace and create a sense of tension? Does this walk becomes one of those things we have committed to and doesn’t fit with the ease we wish to have in the day because something else is pressing us? Do we forgo that walk, the one we wish to be a part of in a daily promise as if it were our breath, prayer or exercise that we honor ourselves with? Or does it become a reminder that time passes and this is how we have come to use it?

Labyrinth Clock

The Sedona Movie Clock from Zazzle

It is an interesting experiment when working with a group to add a ticking clock, the feedback received from a group I once led was very moving and the responses for how we are affected by time were deep and profound. It was a very introspective look for some and created a conversation of depth and merit. Some of the responses were about suddenly becoming aware of time and seeing how their day was simply a reaction to time. Others commented about feeling pressured, while others said it reinforced the need to slow down and savor. One spoke of being in the space of time and expressed how it made them feel more expansive with each path of the labyrinth they circled.

While it was just a curious experiment, it spoke volumes about our relationship with time. Putting out a ticking clock or symbol of time might be just the element that gives us a healthy appreciation for it in such a simple way. Something so small as a regularly timed sound element can really engage us regarding the rhythm of life.

It’s time to walk…

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The Time of Technology

Bar Code Labyrinth

From the Journal of Creative Expression by A. E. Souzis

Today marks the anniversary of the Bar Code, also code the UPC code for Universal Product Code. It was first used in 1974 so it has been part of our technological life for 39 years. The idea to create a systematic approach to label food products actually began with a graduate student in 1948 and it took until 1981 to be formally adopted industrially. Though here it is today a standard part of our process of consumerism.

While the Bar Code has been a feature of art and imagery over the years, this use of it as a labyrinth will hopefully catch your eye and perhaps make us all think of the fact that when we walk we are indeed like the scanner picking up the readable threads of what we see, though more significantly reading beneath the surface to what we feel. This might be those white lines of the universe that encompass all where the dark lines are a bit of form and structure for the all to flow in and out of.

Bar Code Labyirnth

A second Bar Code illustration by A.E. Souzis

It is always a creative pleasure to witness how man makes and molds the life around him/her to display perspective. Just a wonder about what life was like before we barcoded, the curiousness mind that designs a difference, and the one that sees it differently through the eyes of artistry.

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Solstice Awakenings

The Summer Solstice seems a paradox in the Northern Hemisphere as we are just beginning the summer months and in celebrating the longest day, we know from this point it begins to shorten. Just when we are beginning to get outdoors and enjoy the daylight in connection with the warmer weather too.

Summer Solstice Labyrinth at Thomas Fogarty Winery in California

Summer Solstice Labyrinth at Thomas Fogarty Winery in California

The sun is at its highest point in the sky and all summer long it will get closer to us illuminating the pathways of the Earth and quite possibly shining a light on some things we didn’t see while in the dark and indoors. The Thomas Fogarty Vineyards in Woodside, CA celebrated the aspect of the sun standing still with a summer solstice tasting. They not only constructed a labyrinth, but one of unique design to host a walk and bring focus to the growing season. It is considered midsummer because it is half way between the planting and harvesting.

When considering the aspect of time, this is a significant day to reflect upon. May your solstice release the unwanted, receive the desired and reflect upon the time between

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The Path of the Father

This post was to have gone out for Father’s Day, yet somehow I found it still sitting with two others unpublished… forgive the delay and know that Father’s day is every day.

Men walking Labyrinth at

Image from

We remember our fathers in many different ways, some so fondly they inspire a lifetime, some so devastating that they create a life of seeking and some so wonderfully average that it leaves us to weave a path of curious purpose. This day was created to allow us to take a moment and reflect on the value of a father.

The fathers who have shaped us may not be our own biological relation, though they have taken on a role of fathering somewhere. In our romantic view of the world, we see them as strong and stalwart, able to fix every thing and of great courage and peace. In reality, they are simply human, male and able to contribute to creation. It is how they do it that becomes their expressive difference in the world and who they touch in the process that expands their affect.

This seems a day that we would walk on to honor, celebrate or memorialize the man who has made an impact upon our lives. It is only one way to use the labyrinth and one of the easier is to simply add the rituals, the tokens and the markers in the walk that can evoke and carry the message to consider the significance of our fathers and of all fathers who make up our cultured lives with them.

Beyond this there is also the Great Father, Father Sky, the Father of…. (so many to list in declaring the men of invention), Father Time and metaphoric fathers, or simply the male presence of what is in the world. In one sense it is a day to honor the masculine presence and contribution in the world and its wise joining with the feminine in growing the world.

Whatever path you walk today, know that the world has Father focus and so in your steps, perhaps take on the appreciative factor of the character and qualities that make that up your experiences and view of the Fathers of the world. How many have shaped your path, are part of it or redirected it?

Enjoy the walk in Father’s footsteps

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Valued minutes, valued perspectives

We don’t get paid for the time, we get paid for value.

It’s a quote from Motivational expert Jim Rhone that came across today and became an interesting basis for a conversation on the labyrinth.

We walk daily, committed to an idea perhaps as a practice that deepens our understanding and broadens our horizons. This is good. The question came up about quality over quantity and finding the value in the walk of everyday. While there were many points of view on this, and all very relative and important, the one that took foothold was the comment about why.

Why would one walk daily? As there were none but myself who did, it seemed I was left to defend our honor. Indeed I thought it needed no defense as it was simply a choice and that each walks in a manner that suits. We all absorb information differently and uniquely and in the scheme of life we have many similarities and so many differences in how we move with them vitally. While the tone was not implied about being a right or wrong circumstance, there was simply an inquisitiveness about why.

I shared that when we have a value for anything, we commit to the time to discover and while that former comment may be a quote for the business minded, it related to life as well. Our daily perspectives give us insight in the way that someone else might gain understanding through art or sports for example. There is a myriad of possibilities and an endless supply of opportunity in what each of us may discover. All it seems to take is the value to make the time for the adventure of it.

May the discoveries we make in the time we commit be of great value to all.

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The Times of Our Life

June is a month where there is much celebration of history. It revolves around growth in life and the family with graduations and marriages. Regarding graduations, this week traditionally boasts many festivals as it seems that there is a collective graduation no matter how many years we have been away from the age of schooling. In late May through June we have a sense of finality and accomplishment and in September a time for renewal and new beginnings.

Our years in formal education have patterned a responsive behavior that becomes the clockwork of our lives. For those in the northern hemisphere at least we are opening to the season of light just as its days hit the apex and begin to recede. Ironic on the romantic note of time, though accurate in the amount of daylight available.

Marriage on the other hand at this time of year can represent the unity of man and woman and also a time of recognizing the shift between light and dark adjustment. The light grows more fully seeming to bestow the blessing in the first three weeks of June, and though it is gradual the remaining months still have plenty to shine upon so it makes it more a reason to consecrate a union shining a light on this new beginning.

Whatever the time for you today…it’s always time to do something. The doing is the thing that brings us more present and consciously aware that we are putting one foot in front of the other. May your doings delight in this day of light!

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Night Vision

Night vision occurs when an individual has been without light for about 20 minutes. Technically, it is the rhodospin molecules in the eye that adapt and adjust. Our eyes assimilate with the surroundings and we can see things well. Outdoors the labyrinth at night is often lit by the moonlight or some reflection there of so the night vision doesn’t shape itself in the same way, though the longer we are in it, the more we adjust to the surroundings.

Doesn’t that say a lot about life? We are adaptable creatures and in my night walks of the labyrinth, there is always a different angle to really see things with. It is only with what is perceived as a diminished view point that we can begin to see perhaps more clearly the evidence of what is really present and looms in the daylight unseen.

Letting my body sense the path of the labyrinth I am finding I truly need to follow the feeling of the pathway to find my way in and out trusting myself, my steps and the path beneath. It seems we become one in the walk. Everyone can enjoy the labyrinth in the daylight, though in the dark what we can see, feel and learn to trust about ourselves is a curious exploration to enjoy.

Love this quote for the day by St. John of the Crossroads…

If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark.

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