Welcome June

Time moves on the labyirnthWith the entry of the sixth month of the year we become more aware that the year will be half over by the end of this month. In June we welcome the summer solstice as a seasonal marker and for those in the north, the estival season, which reminds us of the times of celebration and the many festivals that occur in the warmer weather of the northern hemisphere. My friend in Australia reminds me that for him the weather has begun its shift to the hibernal season, where a drawing in occurs in the southern hemisphere.

This brings our attention to the awareness of time. Its passing, present moments and what lies ahead. It is that focus that the month is focused on and as when we stop to measure our daily dose of 86,400 seconds we can be reminded that time moves. May we relish the movements and the bounty of it this month and may it grant us the wisdom of appreciating it for its continuation.

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