Time for Fun, Time for Sun

Sun Ceramic Labyrinth

Hand Thrown Sun Spirit with a Twist
from Sacred Journey Ceramics

With the sun above in our northern hemisphere, we look forward to the last of the long days in this month as into the latter part of the month they begin to descend.

With our focus on time, there are many thoughts that come to mind in the curious walk of today… “there is no time like the pleasant,” a happy quote from Oliver Herford who seamlessly took away the “obligatory tone from Georgia Byng’s “no time like the present” who later added “…and no present like time”. With all the quotes and sayings on the relevance of time, I think I would choose for today Herford’s explanation for a light hearted look as when the heart is lighter we tend to see more clearly and appreciatively what all is taking up space in the present.

That feels like the tone for the day, time for fun, time to enjoy the sun, take it on the run, and let’s not forget the enjoyable pun.

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