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Labyrinth buildingI created a new labyrinth today and had a few shortcomings. It was a simple grass cut labyrinth and the individuals I made it for used to use a weed whacker to maintain a previous grass labyrinth. They had removed it at the end of last season and wanted to create a new one the size that would accommodate the lawn mower.

Having forgotten a few items of ease, the simple task had a few mishaps and where I mowed over important lines of connections or shaved a thin border where a thick one would be more appropriate. With a bit of spray paint the labyrinth was finished and the individuals will wait a week or so to cut the grass making the adjustments where indicated by the paint strokes I left behind.

In the end it was a time saver for the individuals and in one way a simple extra walk that could be taken while maintenance was applied. This was a gift of time and a present of purpose together. My mishaps of earlier, didn’t seem to matter as it gave the individuals perspective in what I was creating and some helpful additions were included as a result of the space and time that made the experience more useful and enjoyable for all.

There are really no mistakes…just rearranged purposes. This is where creativity finds a foot hold and where flexibility enjoys some exercise. I am just the beholder of choice and blessed to have it.
Enjoy the humor of John Ridder as he cuts a grass labyrinth in tune to the flight of the Bumble Bee at Waycross campgrounds the sight of the Midwest Labyrinth gathering in 2009-11.

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