In 1972 the United Nations held a conference on the Human Environment. In 1973 the first World Environment Day was held and while it is similar to Earth Day, it’s purpose is to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action. It is run by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) on the fifth of June every year.

World Environment Day Think-Eat-Save

World Environment Day 2013

The theme for this year is Think.Eat.Save with a focus on anti food waste and loss campaign to reduce our footprint. According to their findings 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted while one in seven go hungry.

In regard to our daily walk, we might use this one day to focus and make changes in our waste habits for the year, plant a sustainable border around your labyrinth or herbs within for personal use to become a conscious consumer. We might set up a food labyrinth to raise meals for those without. We can do a lot when we think about it, focus on food consciousness and do what we can to reduce our waste by redistributing our food wealth.

On this day we might even come up with a walk that enters thinking about the purpose and goal, finds a centering on what we can do about our world food consumption and then reflect on our exiting walk about how we can make changes that save and add sustenance to all.

When a focus falls in our lap, we can become more of a contribution in the world when we focus upon it with what we have… steps of consideration, collaboration and community mindedness.

I like to get all I can in my daily walk and when opportunity strikes, making my footprint count is what makes it a worthwhile day and time spent well.

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