The Times of Our Life

June is a month where there is much celebration of history. It revolves around growth in life and the family with graduations and marriages. Regarding graduations, this week traditionally boasts many festivals as it seems that there is a collective graduation no matter how many years we have been away from the age of schooling. In late May through June we have a sense of finality and accomplishment and in September a time for renewal and new beginnings.

Our years in formal education have patterned a responsive behavior that becomes the clockwork of our lives. For those in the northern hemisphere at least we are opening to the season of light just as its days hit the apex and begin to recede. Ironic on the romantic note of time, though accurate in the amount of daylight available.

Marriage on the other hand at this time of year can represent the unity of man and woman and also a time of recognizing the shift between light and dark adjustment. The light grows more fully seeming to bestow the blessing in the first three weeks of June, and though it is gradual the remaining months still have plenty to shine upon so it makes it more a reason to consecrate a union shining a light on this new beginning.

Whatever the time for you today…it’s always time to do something. The doing is the thing that brings us more present and consciously aware that we are putting one foot in front of the other. May your doings delight in this day of light!

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