Valued minutes, valued perspectives

We don’t get paid for the time, we get paid for value.

It’s a quote from Motivational expert Jim Rhone that came across today and became an interesting basis for a conversation on the labyrinth.

We walk daily, committed to an idea perhaps as a practice that deepens our understanding and broadens our horizons. This is good. The question came up about quality over quantity and finding the value in the walk of everyday. While there were many points of view on this, and all very relative and important, the one that took foothold was the comment about why.

Why would one walk daily? As there were none but myself who did, it seemed I was left to defend our honor. Indeed I thought it needed no defense as it was simply a choice and that each walks in a manner that suits. We all absorb information differently and uniquely and in the scheme of life we have many similarities and so many differences in how we move with them vitally. While the tone was not implied about being a right or wrong circumstance, there was simply an inquisitiveness about why.

I shared that when we have a value for anything, we commit to the time to discover and while that former comment may be a quote for the business minded, it related to life as well. Our daily perspectives give us insight in the way that someone else might gain understanding through art or sports for example. There is a myriad of possibilities and an endless supply of opportunity in what each of us may discover. All it seems to take is the value to make the time for the adventure of it.

May the discoveries we make in the time we commit be of great value to all.

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