The Path of the Father

This post was to have gone out for Father’s Day, yet somehow I found it still sitting with two others unpublished… forgive the delay and know that Father’s day is every day.

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We remember our fathers in many different ways, some so fondly they inspire a lifetime, some so devastating that they create a life of seeking and some so wonderfully average that it leaves us to weave a path of curious purpose. This day was created to allow us to take a moment and reflect on the value of a father.

The fathers who have shaped us may not be our own biological relation, though they have taken on a role of fathering somewhere. In our romantic view of the world, we see them as strong and stalwart, able to fix every thing and of great courage and peace. In reality, they are simply human, male and able to contribute to creation. It is how they do it that becomes their expressive difference in the world and who they touch in the process that expands their affect.

This seems a day that we would walk on to honor, celebrate or memorialize the man who has made an impact upon our lives. It is only one way to use the labyrinth and one of the easier is to simply add the rituals, the tokens and the markers in the walk that can evoke and carry the message to consider the significance of our fathers and of all fathers who make up our cultured lives with them.

Beyond this there is also the Great Father, Father Sky, the Father of…. (so many to list in declaring the men of invention), Father Time and metaphoric fathers, or simply the male presence of what is in the world. In one sense it is a day to honor the masculine presence and contribution in the world and its wise joining with the feminine in growing the world.

Whatever path you walk today, know that the world has Father focus and so in your steps, perhaps take on the appreciative factor of the character and qualities that make that up your experiences and view of the Fathers of the world. How many have shaped your path, are part of it or redirected it?

Enjoy the walk in Father’s footsteps

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