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Bar Code Labyrinth

From the Journal of Creative Expression by A. E. Souzis

Today marks the anniversary of the Bar Code, also code the UPC code for Universal Product Code. It was first used in 1974 so it has been part of our technological life for 39 years. The idea to create a systematic approach to label food products actually began with a graduate student in 1948 and it took until 1981 to be formally adopted industrially. Though here it is today a standard part of our process of consumerism.

While the Bar Code has been a feature of art and imagery over the years, this use of it as a labyrinth will hopefully catch your eye and perhaps make us all think of the fact that when we walk we are indeed like the scanner picking up the readable threads of what we see, though more significantly reading beneath the surface to what we feel. This might be those white lines of the universe that encompass all where the dark lines are a bit of form and structure for the all to flow in and out of.

Bar Code Labyirnth

A second Bar Code illustration by A.E. Souzis

It is always a creative pleasure to witness how man makes and molds the life around him/her to display perspective. Just a wonder about what life was like before we barcoded, the curiousness mind that designs a difference, and the one that sees it differently through the eyes of artistry.

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