The Pace of Time

Have you ever thought about winding up a clock and just setting it outside of your walk?

ticking clockJust the sound of the ticking can be a reminder of the passing of time and perhaps a day to create a sense of urgency for life. It is not about getting busy, we seem to do that as humans to avoid things, rather it is about becoming more aware of the momentary passages that are happening throughout our day and how we take them in.

Does the ticking clock hurry our pace and create a sense of tension? Does this walk becomes one of those things we have committed to and doesn’t fit with the ease we wish to have in the day because something else is pressing us? Do we forgo that walk, the one we wish to be a part of in a daily promise as if it were our breath, prayer or exercise that we honor ourselves with? Or does it become a reminder that time passes and this is how we have come to use it?

Labyrinth Clock

The Sedona Movie Clock from Zazzle

It is an interesting experiment when working with a group to add a ticking clock, the feedback received from a group I once led was very moving and the responses for how we are affected by time were deep and profound. It was a very introspective look for some and created a conversation of depth and merit. Some of the responses were about suddenly becoming aware of time and seeing how their day was simply a reaction to time. Others commented about feeling pressured, while others said it reinforced the need to slow down and savor. One spoke of being in the space of time and expressed how it made them feel more expansive with each path of the labyrinth they circled.

While it was just a curious experiment, it spoke volumes about our relationship with time. Putting out a ticking clock or symbol of time might be just the element that gives us a healthy appreciation for it in such a simple way. Something so small as a regularly timed sound element can really engage us regarding the rhythm of life.

It’s time to walk…

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