Seasonal Shifting

Today marks the 101st post to our site… YAY!

Rain Forest Labyrinth

A Private Labyrinth in the El Yunque Rain Forest of Puerto Rico

While the walk is daily, the posts are random and seem to flow with the ebb and tides of my year’s perspective. Running at one pace and almost standing still at others. An interesting year of abundance and absence to reflect on in the daily walk.

It seems to flow with the tides of weather as our region has been besieged with storms and flooding that has gone far beyond the realms of Spring when we might naturally know this to occur. The weather and my pace of the year seem to go hand in hand and from what is shared, is much the same for others too.

It is interesting to stop and make notice of what nature is telling us, almost as if it has had enough of us humans and all we mindlessly do to disrupt the natural flow. The uprisings of the natural world are simply a reminder to what we create artificially in the name of advancement and growth, giving us perhaps a chance to have a look and see if what we are doing is truly advancement and a contribution to the world.

As the year progresses, perhaps there can be a bit of balance inserted, one that gives the busy pace a chance to pause for reflection. Maybe then the natural world will find some balance too and find its pace in the hum and buzz of this human world, the one that seeks to find the steps from normal to natural.

May we walk in the sunshine and cleanse in the rain

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