When there’s too much to do….Walk on it

labyrinth of the mind

From the Lackadaisical Lexicon’s definition for Labyrinth

Recently things seem to have gotten backed up and from time to time we all can find life’s pace a bit daunting when balanced between what we want to do and what is our agreement to do. The time for overwhelm can arrive in a split second with luggage and stay well beyond the rule of three days for company or fish.

It’s best to walk on it all, and it is surprising with it in our own midst how many of us may forget to do so. Organizations that have them forget often about how useful they can be when times of conflict or confusion come up, as if they are ceremonial or memorial in purpose. The good news is that we will forget and that we can remember. Sometimes it is just a little nudge that helps us to get going too.

It is a bit like unraveling a situation, when walking the labyrinth we may walk with a perceived problem, though soon it unravels and we are able to see the problem as opportunity. In opportunity there are solutions and with solutions we gain in many ways.

There is a quote for overwhelm that comes in handy from Francis of Assisi and in walking with this, the way becomes unbelievably clear, practical and purposeful.
Francis of Assisi
“First do what is necessary, then do what is possible, and soon you will find yourself doing the impossible”.

Enjoy the steps of possibility

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