By the Moon of June

We have arrived at our last day of celebrating June. On this day we say goodbye to the first half of the year and a farewell to all the things this June has brought us.

Last week just after the Solstice, we experienced a Super Moon. They are said to appear about four times a year and the most recent gave us the closest that the moon has been to the Earth. The moon has a significance to the labyrinth in many ways. One of which is its cyclical nature and another is its model as a lunar calendar.

As we end our month of the focus of time, what better way than to reflect on it with a measurement of time, our calendar. With the lunations around the Chartres design depicting the moon cycles, we can simply look back on the month on the stages of the moon. Moving from the new to the full and the waxing and waining in between, what has the month illuminated?

May we all enjoy the reflections of our creations and look forward to what is on the path ahead.

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