Welcome July

The feet of a fellow traveler adorned with sentiment for well journies

The feet say “Go Well” and “Stay Well” of the South African language on the journey of the Reconciliation Labyrinth of Clare Wilson

Tis a new month and a walk into the summer season. A great time for the traveler’s foot to be considered. It’s a period when vacations begin, mood shifts to absorb the length of daylight available, and work loads adjust to accommodate the change in climate… hopefully.

With it a period of heightened curiosity may have us stepping into areas of the unknown, our feet developing that extra layer of impenetrable thickness to become more practical in the outdoor environs. As we find ourselves acclimating with nature again, our bodies tend to take on the necessary attributes to maintain a balance as we move whats inward to outward.

It’s that time when those who may not otherwise shed shoes and go barefoot on the labyrinth, do. Feeling the Earth in grass and soil under one’s feet can be a restoration of the soul. It can evoke the wonder of our youth and may even adjust the body to a more natural stride that takes in the walk as the breath.

Our feet carry us forward in a systematic pace moving further inward on our journeys within the labyrinth, though sometimes there is that new culture of climate acknowledged and we dance a bit, tiptoe or tread with lighter purpose to the destinations unknown. At any other time they may just be appendages we give little consideration to until they call forth our attention with overuse. For now, for this month, consider the foot as your guide to the path and how its movement and connection with it determine your soul outcome.

Our focus is the traveler in the natural destination… may your journey of July be rich with insight and external realization.

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