predawn labyrinth walk

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It is the early morning and the sun is beginning to attest to its presence with a sliver of light filtering out onto the darker horizon. Presently there are the shadows of the morning created in illumination of this slight peak of light and the world is different.

It is not yet awake and the stillness of the night is profoundly peaceful… an excellent time for a dewy morning step onto the landscape of circles. There is the breath of the sleeping and its methodical pace of expected intake and long slumbering exhale.

The sounds of the impending morning are present and in the natural order there is a chirp of the crickets that join in the walk. A caress of the wind is welcomed and the resulting rustle in the leaves of the nearby deciduous family are included in the pre noise of the expected day.

We cannot help but be joined with the accompaniment of feeling as it compliments the sound and with the Earth, we wake up in our walk. Consciousness finds us and slides in without much fanfare elevating our experience and extrapolating our relationship to all.

As the world comes to its awakening and the celebrations of independence begin, enjoy the pre noise that shares volumes in its innocent natural splendor.

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