fireworks over desert labyrinth

Celebrations and Silence, fireworks in the desert

As the Nation of America celebrates it’s historic independence, there is an exploration of the word in a deeper sense for labyrinth walkers. Together we celebrate what’s right about our nation, we let go of all the divisions and we come together in groups to commune. Even though many will not be in agreement about how we celebrate the day’s purpose, we will all find small cause for celebration. Perhaps we are off work, maybe we get connected with loved ones or even get to be part of something bigger such as participation in a parade.

We will find our causes and as a nation we will lift ourselves maybe just for the day. For those who walk, it may be our independent journey, though as we move we are also joined by the essence of celebration that emanates from the nation around us. For those in other nations, we are but neighbors who’s party spills over. Join in and find your own connection to it while maintaining your independence from it.

Somehow it is that blissful place about being on the edge of both worlds…should we choose to see it that way.

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