Tiny Traveler Messages

Squirrel on the Labyrinth

Who’s on your path today?

A traveler showed up in the window sill this morning, by way of shaking bushes. Looking out, it was as if the rustling was a call to attention. Suddenly a squirrel popped up on one of the stronger branches and made a flying leap to another.

It’s misfortune was that the one it leapt to was a younger more supple choice that bent under it’s weight and as quickly as it appeared, disappeared sinking down below the pane. Though, the bushes still rustled and in waiting for the reemergence, patience kept company.

Soon the squirrel appeared flinging itself directly onto the sill in a most comical fashion. From there it moved in natural order flinging body to the nearest next branch and this time succeeded in finding a supportive one and soon scrambled out of site continuing it’s daily journey. Who would have known of this visit, had their not been a witness?

Not thinking too much about it, there was another squirrel who came calling on the labyrinth later on. Darting back and forth it was on its own labyrinthic journey and then it was gone. Wondering at the presence of squirrels in this day as if there were deeper meaning, thoughts of squirreling away and foraging came to mind. Though,when one considers the characteristics of the squirrel and blends them with our purpose this month of the travels we take naturally, a bit of conclusion arrived.

Without too much thought and the mere amusement of it all, it seemed the Squirrel, as known for its quick darting about, may add to our amusement.. so perhaps there is a message for the traveler about enjoying the journey. The way it darted about on the labyrinth was methodical in that it exercised itself back and forth until it had enough and then promptly left. Read what you will into that, though when we have had the fill of our walk, we have what we came for. Sometimes we are interrupted in our travels or at other times find that enough is enough. This could well be that its just a reminder that it’s ok just to have what we really require, and be satisfied.

Yes…it’s aMAZEing.
A little joy from sacred habits

As for the early morning limbo routine, pure fun amusement and perhaps a reminder that to discover the most, fling yourself into life and know you will land somewhere, if we let our natural instincts come alive it may hold more meaning than we first surmise.

Oh what a walk… oh what a morning… and then again, maybe a squirrel is just a squirrel and it’s all just a bit nutty 🙂

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