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Quarterly, the meeting of the Heartland Labyrinth takes place to infuse a sense of resource and support for those who have affiliation of the labyrinth. Whether they are facilitators, builders, researchers, pastoral, artisans or simply enthusiasts… all are welcome to enjoy the circle.

The July meeting took place outdoors and typically will consist of an hour of re connection and introduction for the newly initiated, we follow with some direction and news and complete with a talk and a walk. We invite members to share their expertise as we learn from everyone and each develops a program to share when it is their turn. We are rich with skill, talent and ability we find and our meeting concludes with a walk that is generally a focus on the topic at hand, though also takes in much of our overall meeting.

Construction a Chartres Labyrinth Design

Construction a Chartres Labyrinth Design

For our most recent gathering, one of our locals (he travels and hour to join us) has been sharing his ability to create outdoor labyrinths for many in his local area. We asked him to share his talent and in doing so, he graciously set up a teaching opportunity and had us construct a labyrinth according to his schematic. It was linear and an exact method that seemed to form from his Physical Education background. For many this might be really on target and for others it might be not as engaging. This was the case in our group.

labyrinth building

Building Community Collectively

What occurred in the process however of bringing the circle to a conclusion was the idea of contribution and how we may see things differently, though along the way, we were all working toward the same end goal. Everyone reframed to find their part and what seemed like a group of individuals unique unto their own abilities, came the union of the circle all ending as one team united for a single purpose.

The labyrinth at St. Hughs in Elgin, IL

St. Hughs of Lincoln Episcopal Church in Elgin, IL

Had we stuck to our own individuality, we would have never been able to accomplish what we did. The funny thing was that we made a mistake, learned how much we do make mistakes and realized that in the end, we all were recipients of a greater lesson and that is all we needed. We did not complete the construction as we didn’t have to, the lesson was quite complete in what we learned together. There was satisfaction all around in taking from the experience what we did and the established labyrinth that we ended up walking right next to it was sitting waiting all along for our collective consciousness to understand and reflect.

Just when you think you know, along the way comes wisdom to simply be with an experience and really know. All on a summer’s day!

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