Going Away

labyrinth at Bluffton University Ohio

The Bluffton University Campus, OH

In the theme of vacation, traveling, and the natural settings of an outdoor labyrinth in season, is a trip through the circles. One might think that we are on a journey and some may venture far, though in the end we generally come back to our roots.

It’s like that in life and as a traveler, we do always end up at our start, though we may not come back the same as we were. Just a simple path, though it leads to many interesting journeys of the mind as it does for the soul. We are never the same again.

This morning’s walk is singular, dewy and brightening. A day and one like no other shall ever be, filled with opportunities, possibilities and maybe some of the things that we wish weren’t there too, all on this specific day in the year of 2013 in the time of our life. It is be composed of the steps taken and the paths crossed and it bears the fruits of accomplishment in being witness to what is inserted and perhaps leave us drained of what we took from it. It’s ours… all ours!

It seems to be that the hourglass at the day’s start is full of all the time for that day and as we walk into it, the glass begins a slow gradual recession. It creates a sense of urgency and awe as we move away from the fullness to the last drop.

In going away from the top of the timeline, are we clenched with the loss in our moments to walk or open to notice what shows up today? It is a good question to begin with and a great question during the play of our day to pause for reflection. So whether we are in the beginning of our walk, the center or in reflection, how did it go? How far away do we go from our roots or the place of what is right and true about us in a day’s time and how much does it take to travel back? Always worth a good reflection.. .travel on!

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