Away From Home

labyrinth in the Cascade Mountains, Washington State Grunewald guild retreat

Grunewald Guild Retreat Labyrinth of Washington State

When traveling on the path of life or the latest vacation, we begin at a home point and in someways end up there when we want to find a grounding or humbling reminders of what our journey is all about.

“Home is where the heart is”, an often well said quote and in the walk of the labyrinth, where indeed is our heart? We often think it at the center of things and metaphorically it wouldn’t be so far from the truth. When we want to escape, we take the nine inch journey for example, from head to heart and we find home again.

Isn’t that the way of the walk, getting out of our head and back into our heart?

Where ever we travel and how far we go, it is nice to know that coming home means once again coming to the heart of things and that can be found at any given point. Travel well in this month of the journey and perhaps find a peace in the places you are in and leave a little of our home everywhere. Kind of makes us look at the planet a little bit differently if everywhere is though of as home.

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