Traveling with Form and Flow

labyrinth garden

Form or structure… Labyrinth Garden at Home Design Lover

The labyrinth presents us with many opportunities in its simple design. We can travel the path that is structured and gives us clear guidelines like the one of the labyrinth in the rear of the garden picture, or simply have a walk along the meander that traverses in different flow. It’s all a walk and a choice.

In life, sometimes we need the form and structure to guide us and give us some grounding and stability. Knowing the boundaries can help us connect what we know with what others do and how to fit in society. On the other hand, with flow, it simply has a will and moves. Like the flow of water, it simply finds a way and eventually will wear down the resistance of obstacles in its path solely by depending upon its continual strength and endurance.

on the travels we take, using the idea of either in balance is always a helpful way to stay that much more flexible in our footing.

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