Accidental Travels

Ionic Labyrinth by the Sea

No matter the journey we are on for the summer or for our lives, it always seems it’s the moments of right now that consume our attention and focus. When we are present to the journey we may be able to better direct its flow, though there are times to note that even when we are most present there can appear on the path the many curiosities known as accidents along the way.

Often they are not really accidents, though seem to grab our attention and focus enough to remind us about what is important and where we were putting our focus, so that perhaps we could redirect our attention to that which was of intention and importance to us.

Sometimes they are the happy little accidents that surprise and delight us that are more likely to be thoughts we had at a previous time and put a bit of intention to that are just now showing up. It’s often a joyful surprise when we realize it this way.

At other times, the accidents can throw us, as we of course don’t see it coming and then in a sudden instant, it is upon us. It is almost always unwelcome because it can be accompanied by discomfort of one sort or another. We don’t often like to sit with this and realize it as a message. How might this be a beneficial message?

The labyrinth is a wonderful tool in helping us to find the reality in any given situation by simply following the three suggested “R’s” of release, receive and reflect. In asking the question we may find that life really isn’t about win or lose situations, it’s more like win or learn. A reminder not to lose the lessons that the path often prevails with.

Today, the accidental journey is not my own, instead it is that of being directly affected by another’s accident and on my walk today am reminded that whether it rains or shines, I choose how to walk my path and how I will represent my values and beliefs. At the end of the day… did I use the gift of this path well?

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