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Labyrinths by the Sea

There is something quite soothing to find a labyrinth nestled up to the shore or on an overlook that appears to define the infinite. Our bodies have that large water ratio so it has merit that waves can be soothing and the endless nature of flow that a body of water emulates, can have appeal.

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Oh, the Places you’ll Go…

Where does the path lead?

LT_LabyrinthYardAlways from here to there, no matter where you start from. It’s the season of the sojourn as we travel seeking many a thing, feeling or the people that shape us. Tis a time of importance on the path because even when we are not out traveling with the physical body, we just might be making mental milestones or emotional epiphanies too. The spiritual sojourn is always an opportunity in our daily commitments and as we all know in walking, it can be the place that brings our other parts together so well.

On the travels far and wide of the summer, or just in your neck of the woods, look for the patterns that create a labyrinth and you may find there is a reflection of it the world over. The labyrinth is present everywhere and in many a place too. If you recall the blogs of earlier posts, an investigation of the curious nature revealed the labyrinth in the clouds, seeds, and on the shoreline created by nature alone.

The photo above is one taken of the many helpers that came to move the former bricks of this labyrinth into the community, so beyond our own movements, there is even a journey of the labyrinth itself. It moves from a more singular purpose to a larger opportunity in scope.

Enjoy this feast for the feet or fingers today and enjoy the internal labyrinth as you take the many circuitous paths that flow through your body onto the labyrinth to align all in walking. Think circulations system, digestive, canals, finger prints and even your brain… all samples of the internal labyrinth.

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Building Fun

Girl Scout Labyrinth in Park Ridge

The Park Ridge Girl Scout Labyrinth

The past few weeks in grief have led me to think of the time of summer vacation. It is a time to let go and for some it’s a period of mental checklists about what is important when we step away. For others it’s a time for exploration and for others it might be a time for the playfulness to be connected with our soul.

Girl Scouts

Troop 41196 of Park Ridge, IL

The Girl Scouts of Park Ridge have finished their project of building a labyrinth and while it was over a year in mentorship, it took less than a week to begin the transformation from a vacant piece of land in the nature center to a living breathing existence.

Being a mentor was about allowing them to ask, discover and realize what the labyrinth was all about individually and collectively. Providing resources, ideas and gentle guidance for their understanding and growth was another part. Of importance was the comprehension personally for each as their project was designed for the community and to take on something for the masses, one must understand the purpose of the pieces it is made up of.

This was an essential also because when the project proved to be a test, and indeed at times it was, each had to have a compelling reason to carry on. There was also the leadership and responsibility it created in educating the community about what it is and why it might be a contribution to our environment.

The process was much like a labyrinth walk and in all we did, there were the turns of reflection, reasoning and recognition. There was a midpoint where we stopped to take a long look and at the end, the transient nature of the girls available work schedules was a clear metaphor for the liberal use of this for people in the community to come and go.

Many metaphors, messages and milestones were created and much will continue as we meet in a month to develop the final pieces that welcome the community to it. It was a journey and now has a memory attached to it, like all of our walks in all of our days, each step is a part of building something new.

Build it… and they will come!

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In Spirit

Photo credit Eliza Letterist

Many of us have used the labyrinth at one time or another for grief, if only for our personal solace. I have had of late the opportunity to walk it while in the process of the death of a friend.

I find that many welcome us into their life, though not so many are so open to welcome in the process of their passing. I have been so fortunate to know a person who I celebrated the purpose of her life in the blessings of Joy. As a Certified Teacher of Laughter Yoga, this woman entered into my life like and it has been like a walk on the labyrinth. From that point there were turns here and there as we came to know each other closer. We walked the same path but with very different ideas and no matter how close one of us may have been to the center, the other was a balance in skirting the perimeter. Together we had planned to go to Italy and share an abundance of our joy and playful spirits.

One might say sadly, it never happened. Though we both learned a bit of Italian in the process and in the end, many things showed up on the exit path to declare what we had achieved singularly and walking together. The turns of her decline in physical form never diminished her spirit and zest for the living all the way up until the end.

As she stepped off the path late this evening, I am reminded that I am still on the path, full of the abundance, playfulness of spirit and the joy we created together. I am touched by knowing her and she was touched in knowing me and together that is all we have is the path we traveled together.

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Seize the Play!

Joyful and Playful Greetings of August! This is the month devoted to play. Kick off your routines and dive into some fun as it is traditionally our last month in the northern hemisphere where we make the time to get in the last of the summer.

August becomes a rush of relaxation because we have been so busy, that it often is the last thing we do and when we finally do it, we wonder why we hadn’t thought of it before! This month is devoted to the idea of play, perhaps so that we instill some grand ideas of what play is all about and how perhaps in our daily walk we can build the idea of a little play everyday.

Consider and share your ideas about the ways you play on any given day… it’s an attitude to be sure!

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